7 Things to do in Cairngorms National Park – Part 1

In this post, you will learn about seven different activities that you can participate in during your stay at the Cairngorms National Park.

Play Outside

Most people visit the park during the summers because the weather is simply beautiful, and the park offers plenty of opportunities to go hiking, tracking, cycling, kayaking, and more. No matter what your age, if there is an adventurer in you, then Cairngorms National Park is the place to be this summer.

Going the Distance

If you prefer going for long walks, then there is an amazing 65-mile long hike called the Speyside Way. It is one of the four most challenging and official long distance routes located in Scotland. The track begins at Spey Bay, hence the name, and ends at Aviemore. The local authorities are considering extending the route further to Newtonmore.

Needless to say, the hike will take you days to cover, and so there are 8 stops at strategic distances allowing you to cover 1-2 stops a day and rest during the night. The view alone is worth all the trouble, and if you like hiking and walking long distances, then you know what you need to do.

River Rafting, Canoeing, and Whiskey

River Spey is known for a lot of things, and premium quality whiskey and kayaking is just two of them. River Spey area offers some of the best whiskey in the world. The entire region is flourishing is whiskey trade.

But, there is plenty of stuff to do for adventurous people too. You can go river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and even tubing in some parts. The view is amazing and the course is challenging. If you prefer something easy that will allow you to take in the scenery around you, canoeing is highly recommended.

In the next part, you will learn about some more things that you can do in Cairngorms National Park.

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