The Versatile Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park is an incredible location to be in, as it comprises of more mountains, rivers, wildlife hotspots, forest paths, lochs, distilleries, and friendly villages than anywhere else in the world. It also holds some amazing records like Great Britain’s highest wind speed of 278 kph and the lowest temperature of -27C. Besides, the park consists of vast virgin forests of ancient trees native to the area, plenty of wildlife, and numerous waterfalls. All these means that this mighty national park has something for everyone and where extraordinary things could happen to you, to thrill you beyond anything.

The Cairngorm Plateau

This plateau is the coldest and highest in UK, with the highest snowfall. Even at the height of summer you can see white patches of snow here, but in winter the whole area takes on a wild beauty. All the creatures who inhabit the region are hardy fauna that have through the ages adapted to the prevailing conditions and these include golden eagles, ptarmigan, snow bunting, wildcats, mountain hares, and capercaillie. They have their natural shelter among the snows of winter.

Have Fun in Cairngorms

The Cairngorms is Great Britain’s most popular ski resort. Rock climbers, hill walkers have a field day there. Besides there are high class mountain-bike trails, skiing trails, and horse rides. You can even indulge in husky racing, if you are interested in it.

Things You Can Do in One Day at Cairngorms

  • You can go on a windsurfing spree along Loch Morlich with its own silvery sand beach,

replete with a centre for acquasports.

  • Watch Britain’s sole reindeer herd in their natural habitat in Glen More.
  • Enjoy a ride on UK’s highest railway. The station at the very top is located and awesome

3599 ft above mean sea level

  • Visit Tomintoul and have a shot of malt whiskey from the Glenlivet Distillery, which is a part

of the Malt Whisky Trail known around the world.

Such versatility and choice of holiday options are seldom found in any single location. Enjoy your stay in Cairngorms.

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