Top Camping Sites in Cairngorms – Part 1

In this post, and the next one, you will learn about some of the best camping sites that Cairngorm has to offer from now Expatriate Dennis. Dennis, now lives in Malta and works for the Igaming company Dennis may now be a wizz in the casino world but before that he was a very keen camper and his gambling was finding that perfect nesting spot. So, over to Dennis for his top recommendations:

Rothiemurchus Camp

What is your perfect idea of a campsite? A fire is burning, you are lying in your tent gazing out towards the sky, and admiring the beauty of the moon and the stars? If that is what you are looking for, then Rothiemurchus Camp Site is where you will want to be. Deep inside the Caledonian forest, families and groups of friends visit here to spend some quality time with nature. There is enough space to park your caravan if need be.

Aviemore Camping

Aviemore is a site known for glamping, not camping. You don’t want to stay indoors, but you are not sure whether you will be able to live up to the camp life, so in comes the glamping. There are eco-friendly pods, showers, cooked meals, and proper double beds. It bridges the gap between a hotel stay and a campsite stay. The idea is to offer the best of both worlds.

Lazy Duck Lightweight Camping

There is only enough space for four camps, so make sure you have the numbers right. Located only at a distance of about 20 minutes from Aviemore, the campsite will offer you a lazy, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. A perfect way for couples to enjoy a night together.

Ecocamp Glenshee

Are you a fan of the go green campaign? If so, Ecocamp Glenshee will make sure that you are doing your part for nature. Tents and pods are all made out of eco-friendly materials and they encourage their customers to spread as little mess as possible when camping in the wild. It is important to preserve the natural state of the campsite for future campers to enjoy.

In the next post, we will learn about some more campsites and their specialties.

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